Now on View in New York, Paris, and London

October 15, 2019

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Fall in the city can mean many things. For us, it’s all moody foliage, gourds for sale at every market, and: So. Much. Good. Art. Mind-blowing, thought-provoking, and at times, a little disconcerting art. And whether you’re playing tourist in your hometown or hopping on the next train to the big city, these three breakout exhibitions are enough to inspire a day, weekend—hell, even a transatlantic trip. Best to dress for it. Art evokes emotion. And no one understands this better than sculptor Richard Serra, whose once-permanent outdoor installation was shockingly removed from Federal Plaza in Manhattan back in the ’80s after being hotly debated for nearly a decade.

Not that Serra let that slow him down. Working almost exclusively with heavy metals, the artist brings an equally in-your-face quality to his latest project, Forged Rounds, a robust assemblage of fifty-ton hunks of steel-cut cylinders. It’s massive and mighty and so, so incredible. And if you are as intrigued as we were, weigh in (get it?) for yourself at Gagosian, all through December.